As anterior pelvic tilt becomes more pronounced, it creates a forward or anterior curve of the lower back known as Lumbar Lordosis. This excessive lordotic curve increases pressure in the posterior lumbar spine which can result in compression of disks, nerves and connective tissue. Secondary to this acute compression, inflammatory conditions can arise. More importantly, this region of the back plays a central role in almost all kinetic chains which means you can even expect other maladaptations throughout the body.

This physical discomfort doesn’t manifest immediately. It is a degenerative process resulting from repetitive and constant compression of tissues. Lumbar Lordosis can result in pain of  the lower back, sciatica symptoms and secondarily hip and knee pain. This is due to the fact that when the pelvis is anteriorly tilted you are almost always externally rotated at the hips which is very fatiguing to the muscles and compensatory strategies come into play in an effort to adapt..

When bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts come into my clinic with lower back pain. They will often correctly, but vaguely, attribute their pain to the work they are doing but what they have trouble understanding is that it is not one event that caused the condition. It is most always a cumulation of acute insult from exercises that normally have nothing to do with your back directly, such as bicep curls with an arched back or overhead pressing with your back arched. An arch in your back while benching might be better for immediate performance but the trade-off is long-term performance and good kinetic hygiene. Now add the amount of weight they are training with at max effort without core control and you turn each of your vertebrae into a meat grinder. Get foundation control or get pain!

But even if you are not an extreme bodybuilder and you are walking around with an arched back, you are slowly degrading your lower back tissues. Luckily, this is reversible. with some exercises that will decompress those vertebrae. I would recommend trying our Introductory Foundation Program to help you reprogram your whole posture and help prevent further degeneration.