Take one, juicy deep breath for me!

How did that make you feel? How did your body respond to that breath? 

It probably felt pretty damn good – your body relaxed a little and the rest of the world faded for a moment as you focused on just your inner self. 

So if it feels so good, why don’t you focus on your breathing more often?

We take breathing for granted and allow the distractions of daily life take priority. This calming effect you felt from conscious breathing can lead to numerous physical, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual benefits. At Dynamic Balance, we harness these benefits to heal and strengthen the body during your exercise series.

At Dynamic Balance, we use 9 counts grouped into 3 parts to create a Triple-3 Count:

3 counts of inhale

3 counts of exhale while creating the movement

3 counts of exhale while holding the position at the end range of the movement

Use deep full breaths expanding both the chest cavity and the belly. The chest cavity should rise first as the lungs fill, followed by the abdominal cavity as the diaphragm drops. You may notice you have not been using your full breathing capacity and have irregular breathing patterns which is not uncommon. 

Give this technique a try. Lay on your back on the floor with your right hand on your chest (lower ribs) and your left hand on your lower belly:

  1. Inhale through your nose for a slow count of three. Focus on lifting your right hand with your chest first and then your left hand rising with your belly.
  2. Pause at the top (full inhale) for a moment
  3. Exhale continuously for a slow count of six. Focus on lowering your left hand with your belly first and emptying your chest second.
  4. Pause at the bottom (full exhale) for a moment
  5. Repeat this breath cycle intentionally 5 -10 times in a row and note any changes in sense, stress, and/or tension in the body. This will feel natural with repetition.

This Triple-3 Count Technique should be applied to all movements but the rate at which you count to three can be changed. Start with making each count last one second. This is a slow pace but ideal for learning new movements. Taking the time to feel your body and observe your mind-body connection. As you gain proficiency with breathwork and your body’s movements, a faster pace can be applied to maintain faster, more traditional fitness paced repetitions. So although you are shortening the length of each count for more explosive exercise such as jump squats and pushups, you should still keep the 3x3x3 cycle in mind. 

It should look something like this:

Slow pace:        1……. 2…… 3…… – 1…… 2…… 3…… – 1…… 2…… 3……

Faster pace:      1.. 2.. 3.. – 1.. 2.. 3.. – 1.. 2.. 3..