Whether it be an extended road trip or flight, most of us are familiar with the woes of travel – crammed seats, heavy luggage, foreign sleeping arrangements, the list goes on. And for those who already suffer from chronic pain in their daily lives, a trip can exaggerate their symptoms. Experts agree that the most valuable thing you can do is move whenever possible to alleviate your symptoms.

If you are lost on where to begin with movement we’ve compiled a list of exercises and modalities to make your travel more comfortable:

  1. Foundation first! Before and after your trip do 1 set to failure of Pelvic Tilt and Chin-to-Throat. These can be done in a seated position and utilized as a refresher during travel as well. Extra credit if you throw in some Planks.
  2. Accessible Stretching in Public 
    • Seated Figure 4
    • Child’s Pose with traction. Find something sturdy to support your body weight and hold on and sit back. Secure your hands on a pole or a door knob, or anything else available that is waist height.
    • Side Neck Stretch
  3. Erasers: It’s in the name, erase built up tension when you shake it out.
  4. During a flight:
    • Get up often and walk around if you can
    • Stretch your wrists
    • Shoulder rolls
    • Small iterations of these exercises
  5. After you’ve settled in try:
  6. If you’re craving more action try The Farmer’s Walk.

Don’t be shy about taking care of yourself in public, most people don’t care anyways. You might even inspire others to follow suit. What matters is that you take care of yourself and break up tension.