Our Team

Mark St. Peter

Mark is an innovative therapeutic specialist with 30 years of  experience helping people overcome treatment-resistant musculoskeletal pain and/or physical challenges.

Mark has a lifelong interest in physical education and the human body, and was working towards becoming a leading sports psychologist. He was earning his degrees in physical education with a focus in health science and psychology when he was severely injured in a pedestrian-auto accident in his senior spring semester. After over 30 major surgeries, he was still in a lot of pain and had limited mobility. He tried several forms of therapy available to him, from traditional physical therapy to alternative therapies spanning from Alexander -to- Yoga; and although it helped, there was always a limitation to his progress.

So, he took all his therapeutic experience and college studies which he ostensibly learned to use on others and turned it inward. Taking matters into his own hands, he became his own trainer. He was able to free himself from ambulatory aids and the limited life that had been forecast for him by the establishment. He has managed to salvage a rich, active life which no one could have predicted. Not only can he walk, he is able to work independently, raise his family, and enjoy life, but can drop into the splits with ease.

It is from his personal experience, education, and practice expertise that Upright Kinetics and GroundUp Therapeutics were born. Mark believes the formula for successful rehabilitation is time + consistency and focus on the basics. It is this formula that the Upright Kinetics method is built on.

Tiffany Morales

Tiffany is no stranger to chronic pain; she’s endured it for over 12 years, trying everything from physical therapy and steroid shots to acupuncture. At a young age she was told to steer away from high-impact activities that aggravated her low back and sciatic symptoms. Her time spent in various physical therapy clinics led her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Neuromuscular Science at San Francisco State University.

After graduating in 2016, she was introduced to Upright Kinetics as a treatment-resistant client who was desperate for relief. Her recovery has been slow but significant; as healing is by no means a linear endeavor. After one year, she learned skills to manage her pain and went off narcotics. She has since experienced numerous breakthrough moments that could not have been reached without Upright Kinetics’ guidance, expertise and commitment to healing. Having gone through a extensive apprenticeship at Upright Kinetics is now a trainer, helping others prevent and overcome conditions like those she suffered.

Tiffany believes that one of the most transformative aspects of healing from this type of chronic pain has been speaking about it and connecting with others who experience it. It is her goal to share the life-changing methods with people who are not serviced by the “mainstream” fitness realm. Her dream has always been to guide those who are struggling to maintain their routine once their Physical Therapy prescription runs out. 

She is proud to be an Affirming Fitness and Movement Practitioner and Cancer Exercise Trainer. Her recent studies have been in Lymphatic and Vagal nerve workshops. In a nutshell, her greatest hope is to aid her clients in developing a supportive relationship with movement.


Brittany Penaroza

Brittany started with Upright Kinetics as a client. She is a professional surfer having represented the USA and O’Neill on the international circuit for years. When the pandemic started and she was forced to take a rest from her demanding schedule, she realized just how rounded her shoulders had gotten and started to notice some shoulder discomfort.

After a month of working with Upright Kinetics, her shoulder discomfort disappeared. After three months, the rounding of the shoulders had reduced. After about six months, she saw a huge improvement in her performance on the board. Specifically, she has noticed a significant improvement in her proprioception, balance on the board, anticipation, and force modulation. She also saw great increases in explosive strength, flexibility, end range maneuverability, and control on the board.

Upright Kinetics gave her a new lease on her surfing career. The intensive focus on core and foundation principles , and the deep neuromuscular relearning created a new a profound awareness. She is so grateful she took the time to engage this process and address her postural issues. It has lead to greater insight than she ever expected. She believes so strongly in the Upright Kinetics method that she joined the team in 2021.

Her goal is to work with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, sharing her insights to help them improve performance through proper foundational work and body awareness.


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