By: Matt P.

Just a quick recap from my last post. I started working with Mark in June 2021 for my “horrible posture”. After 6 months of direct instruction from Mark, I started working on my own to maintain my posture progress.

Initially, I was very diligent with my maintenance protocol – daily Pelvic Tilts and Chin-to-Throats. But then life started to get in the way and I started to miss exercises. Before I knew it, over a month had passed since my last session and I started to notice my posture worsen. This regression showed me that Mark was right. Posture work isn’t just about undoing a hunched back, it also requires life-long maintenance.

I have been constantly doing my posture maintenance routine since April. I don’t do it everyday because that is too demanding for my schedule. I go to the gym 4 times a week, so I add my posture work to my cool down. It was a seamless way to incorporate my posture work into my schedule and I have been consistent since then!

I will also sneak in some Pelvic Tilts and Chin-to-Throats through the day when I am waiting in line, standing in Church, and standing at the gas pump. I am sure you find yourself in similar stationary standing situations. So why not take advantage of these moments?

So how do I maintain my posture work? I made it a part of my already existing routine. If you are not a gym-goer, another way to incorporate your posture work into your schedule can include:

  1. Setting a reminder on your phone
  2. Tack your exercise routine onto the rest of your morning or evening routine
  3. Pair your exercise routine with another activity you do frequently
  4. Sneak in some Pelvic Tilts and Chin-to-Throats when you are in a stationary standing situation such as: waiting in line at the grocery store, pumping gas, brushing your teeth, etc.

If you do stop your posture work for a while, just jump back into it and try to rebuild a routine. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck and stick with it.