The Method

We use many techniques and have created our own process that is unique in the industry. This consists of strength training, stretching, and building body awareness. Most people think posture is only about strength and mobility. While those are key elements of posture It is also about training body awareness. Our bodies naturally engages muscles to keep the body upright. However, we lose awareness of these muscles through years of domesticated life.

We will teach you exercises that repair the elements that contribute to bad posture. The exercises we recommend are different depending on your goals but will begin with addressing pelvic tilt, forward head posture, and rounded shoulders/back.

How it Works



The first thing we do in any consultation is sit down and listen to your situation and goals. We will then show you some starting exercises that are appropriate for you.


Personalized Program

After your initial consultation it’ll take 3 sessions to build you a program. This program will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Diligent clients will see significant postural/pain improvements in 1 month.


 On-going Support

We understand that some people need that extra support. So for those of you that need it we offer ongoing program support via email and text. Every week we monitor your progress and keep you on track.

Freequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fix posture?

The frequency in which you do your program will determine the speed of your results. If you are exercising 5-7 days a week. You’ll see significant changes within a month. It will however take another 2 months to solidify those changes. Your body will revert to its old state if you stop doing your routine after a month. Good posture has to be ingrained into your body.

How much does it cost?

Consultations are $25. Sessions range in price from $65-$95 depending on the trainer.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisified we offer a no questions asked refund on all our services.

How many sessions should I do?

We recommend doing at least 3 sessions. These sessions allow our coaches to get to know you and make a program that is tailored to your body and goals. You can however, do as many sessions as you would like.

Will Upright Kinetics help my exact injury/ache/pain?
It’s important to keep in mind that the body works together in a kinetic chain. Which means that where you feel your pain may not be the source or root of that pain. 
We address the root of most pain and discomfort; poor posture and kinetic hygiene. 
There are rare cases which we may not be equipped to handle. In these cases we will refer you to our sister company Groundup Therapeutic care who handle especially difficult and serious cases.
Still have questions?

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