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We sit in the space between physical therapy and fitness. Physical therapy can help return you to basic function. Fitness training can improve your physqiue. We seek to combine the two disciplines. Our goal is to help you build your foundation and get you upright with movements that help keep you pain free for life.


Personalized programs

Improve Posture

Modern demands cause us to hunch forward. Through movement we can reverse these effects on the pelvis, shoulders, back, and neck. Lets get you upright together.

Build Foundation Strength

The foundation muscles of the body are what drive true functional strength. Through strengthening these we help you not just look better but move better.

Eliminate Pain

Pain has become normalized as a consequence of getting older. But there is nothing normal about pain. Whether its in your knees, back, elbow, hands, or somewhere else. The solution is movement that promotes healing and strength. Talk to us to get a customized plan to attack your pain head on.

Restore Neutral Posture in Just 3 Months.

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Personalized Programs.


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I’ve suffered from sciatica since my late teens. After studying Kinesiology in college I wanted to learn movement that helps others prevent the pain that I experienced.

Tiffany Morales, Kinesiologist & Upright Kinetics Coach

Being a professional surfer has caused my upper body to hunch forward. But the movement I’ve learned has helped me fix my posture and improve my performance.

Brittany Penaroza, Professional Surfer for O’Neill & Upright Kinetics Coach


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