Fix Posture
& Reduce Pain
Through Alignment-Based Movement Training


Welcome to Upright Kinetics! Upright Kinetics is built on the concepts presented by its parent company Dynamic Balance. We focus on prevention and building comfort and wellness beginning with posture correction.

We sit in the space between physical therapy and fitness. Physical therapy is focused on ‘return to basic function’. Fitness training focuses on your physique. We seek to fill the gap between these two disciplines, where many people find themselves. Our goal is to help you build your foundation and get you upright with movements that help keep you pain-free for life.


Personalized programs

Improve Posture

Modern demands cause us to hunch forward and distort our posture. Through intentional, corrective movement we can reverse these effects. Let’s get you upright together.

Build Foundation Strength

The foundation muscles of the body are what underpin true functional strength. By strengthening these we help you not just look better but move better.

Avoid Pain

Pain is seen as a normal part of aging. But there is nothing normal about excessive musculoskeletal pain. 
Injuries and insults that are left untreated can become chronic conditions. With proper care and attendance to these injuries, you can prevent the pain associated with these chronic conditions.

See The Progress Our Clients Have Made in Just 1-2 Months.

We asked some of our clients to take their pictures in a relaxed state during their consultation. After working with us for a few months, we asked them to take another picture in the same spot and with as similar lighting as possible.

(Complete restoration of a given person’s neutral posture typically takes 3 months)

Our Approach

We evaluate your condition, initially focusing on the pelvis, neck, back, and shoulders. Based on this evaluation, your daily needs, and any additional consideration of fitness and weight-related goals, we create a personalize program to ensure your success.

All posture programs are customized for your specific goals and needs. We understand that no people are the same and neither are your posture concerns. We work with you and teach you exercises that will help you achieve your goals.

You will see changes in your body within a month and further progress as you continue with your program.

I’ve suffered from sciatica since my late teens. After studying Kinesiology in college I wanted to learn movement that helps others prevent the pain that I experienced.

Tiffany Morales, Kinesiologist & Upright Kinetics Coach

Being a professional surfer has caused my upper body to hunch forward. But the movement I’ve learned has helped me fix my posture and improve my performance.

Brittany Penaroza, Professional Surfer for O’Neill & Upright Kinetics Coach