People go to the gym to feel better and improve their health. However, often the exercises they do at the gym can cause and/or exacerbate existing problems. This is because so many in our society lack the base core control to maintain our posture. When you add external resistance through weights, bands, etc. your posture is one of the first things to be compromised which can result in maladaptations, pain, or even injuries. Most gym-goers need some Base training work to insure success in the gym even if they are veterans that continue to work through pain. There are some common habits I have seen in my time as a gym owner that are having a detrimental effect on your gains:

  1. Exercising with your back arched
  2. Exercising with your head forward of your shoulders
  3. Doing standing exercises flat on your feet with your knees locked
  4. Failure to address bilateral asymmetry (ie. squatting with one hip lower than the other)
  5. Squats and leg presses that are so deep you lose hold of your base posture
  6. Locking your elbows and leaning forward on a stairmaster
  7. Overloading your capacity
  8. Only training the muscles you can see
  9. Excessive posterior pelvic tilt while deadlift

I invite you all to start noticing if you have any of these poor habits and correcting them. Although it might plateau your gains for a few weeks, you will be investing in your long-term gym health. If you would like some guidance, one of our Upright Kinetics trainers will be happy to help!