Our Method

We take it back to the basics. We strip away all the complexity and focus on your needs. Our method consists of building body awareness, stretching, and strength training. Most people think posture is only about strength and mobility. Most programs focus on building up your large back and core muscles. While they are not wrong, a key element of postural retraining is forgotten. The key to good posture is body awareness and training the small muscles to naturally engage and keep the body upright.

Our method is about unlearning poor posture patterns that have developed thanks to our domesticated and sedentary lifestyles. These include activities such as sitting for long periods of time, slouching in front of the computer, repetitive work, and one-sided activities. This results in distortion of our foundational posture and developing maladaptations that lead to pain and discomfort. 

Luckily, these distortions can be reversed! This will take time and work but with your commitment and ours, you will see progress within a month or two. We will teach you exercises that reverse the elements that have influenced your bad posture. The exercises we recommend are different depending on your goals but will begin with addressing pelvic tilt, forward head posture, and rounded shoulders and/or back.

Our method is derived from our parent company Dynamic Balance which has developed Therapeutic Physical Care (TPC); a set of concepts that guide therapeutic practice. It is the space between rehabilitation and fitness. TPC focuses beyond just minimal function. We seek to optimize your function. We place emphasis on form and technique more than building a certain aesthetic. We look at you as a whole and build workouts that are at first corrective and then expand to include your fitness goals.

How it Works



We start with a conversation about your situations, goals, and expectations. We will then show you some starting exercises that are appropriate for you.


Personalized Program

After your initial consultation, we ask for a 3 session commitment to allow the trainer to see how your body works and what specific tools and exercises you need to address your concerns. Each client’s program is tailored to their needs in order to maximize their goals. Diligent clients will see significant postural/pain improvements in 1 month. Just take a look at some of our clients’ progress!


 On-going Support

You are not alone in your posture journey. We offer on-going support via email, text or supplemental sessions as needed. Every week we monitor your progress and keep you on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fix posture?
 The frequency in which you do your program will determine the speed of your results. If you are exercising 5-7 days a week, you will see significant changes within a month. However, it will take another 2 months to solidify those changes. Your body will revert to its old state if you stop doing your routine after a month. Good posture has to be ingrained into your body.
How much does it cost?
Consultations are $10. Sessions range in price from $65-$95 depending on the trainer.
Why are consultations $10?
Consultations aren’t free primarily to reduce no shows. However, it also serves a second benefit of getting people to committed to the process. We won’t pretend that transformations are easy. It takes weekly commitment to change your body and the more committed you are at the start of the process, the less likely you are quit before you reach your goals.
What is your refund policy?
If you are not satisfied we offer a no questions asked refund on all our services. Email matthew@uprightkinetics.com for more info.
How many sessions should I do?
We recommend doing at least 3 sessions at the start of your journey. These sessions allow our coaches to get to know you and make a program that is tailored to your body and goals. You can do as many sessions as you would like.
Will Upright Kinetics help my exact injury/ache/pain?
It’s important to keep in mind that the body works together in a kinetic chain. This means that where you feel your pain may not be the source or root of that pain. We are able to address the root of most pain/discomfort, poor posture and kinetic hygiene. 
There are rare cases which we may not be equipped to handle. In these cases we will refer you to our sister company GroundUp Therapeutic Care who handle especially difficult and serious cases.
Still have questions?
Contact us at matthew@uprightkinetics.com